Applying for your Home Builder Visitors Card

Who can apply?

Both individuals and companies can use the application process to apply for the Home Builders Visitors Card. Companies also have the option of bulk uploading for a large number of applications.

Please note that the image on the card is the one that you uploaded with your CITB application. There is no option to upload a new image when you apply for this card. 
Before applying

First check that you meet the card qualifying criteria. For the visitors card you are required to have passed a CITB Health and Safety online touch screen test for Operatives within two years from the date of application.
Applicants who have not taken the CITB Health and Safety online touch screen test or who's test has either expired or was not achieved in the last two years must book and pass an Operatives test before proceeding with the application. 
Booking a HS&E test

For more information about the HS&E Test and how to book Click here
If you are not sure if your test is still in date check it on the CITB card Checker. You will need to add your Name, National Insurance number and date of birth. If the test was taken within 2 years of the date of application you can apply without retaking the test.   Please make a note of your HS&E Test number at this point.
Check the Visitors Card is appropriate for you

Visitors cards are for those persons who require occasional access to site in order to fulfil duties or visits which are not covered by a CSCS Skills Card.  Visitors' cards should not be used by employees or contractors working on site as a substitute for the formally recognised CSCS card.
Applying for your card

Select the apply button from the home screen or top of the menu bar.

Email address
Add your personal email address when prompted. If you are applying as a company it will be your contact email, if you are applying for yourself it will be your own email  (Please note it is important that you use a personal email address as well as your mobile number, particularly when applying for a virtual card as this is one of the ways in which the card will be sent to you.)

If you have previously logged in and have an account you will be asked for your password. If you are logging in for the first time you will be asked for a password, name and job title.
Individual or Company

Select if you are applying for yourself or on behalf of your company. The system will allow for company representatives to apply for cards on the behalf of individuals so ensure you select the appropriate button depending upon your role. 
  • Individual application
If you select the individual option you will be asked to fill in specific mandatory fields to allow us to process your application.  Please ensure you have made a note of key details such as your CSCS/HS&E Test number and National Insurance number so that we can process your application. The CSCS/HS&E number can be taken from the CITB Card Checker site.
Card application details

Add your home address details, and importantly your mobile telephone number.  The personal email field will automatically populate from your initial registration at the start of the process.  Please be aware that both personal email and mobile number are important fields for the delivery of your virtual card and the address fields equally as important for delivery of a physical smart card.
Application type
Choose from the drop down options of either ‘New’ or ‘Duplicate’

Card type
You have the option of applying for a  virtual card which can be stored and read on your mobile device or tablet or alternatively a physical credit card sized smart card which stores your relevant qualifications and details and can be read on site. Alternatively, you can apply for both a virtual and a smart card. 
We strongly recommend the use of the virtual card as a more feature rich and effective way of managing all of your Construction Industry cards.


From the employment status drop down select either ‘Self-employed’ or ‘Employed’ If you are self-employed you will need to input your Main Contractor, if you are Employed add in your Employer company name.
Billing details
Select if the billing address is the same as the card application details or if different billing address information needs to be added.
Read the terms and conditions

On completion you will be asked to confirm you have read the terms and conditions of the scheme. 
You will also have the option of receiving updates from HBSP. (This does not include updates relating to vital card information that you will receive to ensure that your details and card use are valid)

The total cost for your application will display inclusive of VAT.  Options for payment by credit card, debit card and pay pal are available. Payment is required before the application can be processed.

Receiving your card
On confirmation of payment your application will be reviewed by the card scheme administration team and instructions given to the card producer to prepare your visitor card.
Virtual card -
Successful application for a virtual card will normally be processed and delivered within 24 hours during a working week day.
In order to activate a virtual card you will have to download the VIRCARDA Application and you will receive an email or SMS text message which will take you through the process of applying your card to your mobile device.

Physical card - This will normally be delivered within 5 working days. 
Having received your virtual card or physical smart card you can then access a construction site subject to site access and clearance arrangements.
  • Company applications
A company representative can apply for cards on behalf of individual(s) and as such can follow the process outlined for the individual application above when inputting card application information.

After selecting ‘Company’ you will have an option to select your company from the drop down options alternatively you can click on the link to register your company.

Bulk applications
The company option allows for the uploading of a pre populated file (CSV) which will allow for administrators/company representatives to apply for multiple cards at a time.  The CSV file is populated with the required fields to process each individual application.  Details of how to download and use the CSV file option can be found here.
Having populated either the individual data or uploaded a CSV file you can then follow the normal application process through to payment as detailed for the individual applicant process.  Please ensure that when applying for others that you include their personal details such as email and mobile phone number and the address you require the card to be issued to.
If you require further assistance with your application call the card application team on (0)333 323 9025 or email