Scheme Requirements


All applicants for the new Virtual Home Builders Visitor card must take and pass an independent assessment of retained health and safety knowledge. The assessment is designed to examine the knowledge of the individual across a wide range of health and safety topics.

Currently the only health and safety assessment which meets Home Builders Visitor Card requirements is the CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test at operative level which must be passed within two years of the application.

More information about booking the CITB HS&E Test is available on the Home Builders Skills Card website. Alternatively applicants can call 0344 994 4488. The test costs £21.00.


Scheme Requirements
Yellow card holders should be inducted and escorted where appropriate in accordance with the Home Builders site policies on non-construction workers as they do not hold any form of construction related qualification. The person legally responsible for a construction site must ensure the health, safety and welfare of people visiting their site.


To apply for a card other than a Home Builders visitors card, card applicants need to prove they have the training and qualifications required for the type of work they carry out on site in order to determine which type of card is appropriate. Applicants can check which card is the right card by using the online CSCS cardfinder at


For the swiftest means of processing, once the applicant has passed the correct CITB HS&E test they should visit the online card application service here at


Once the applicant has passed the correct CITB HS&E test (within 2 years of application) they should call HBSP card applications on 0333 323 9025. Applicants will need to have:
• A credit or debit card to pay £36 for the virtual card (inclusive of VAT at 20%)
Cards are usually dispatched on the next working day


Employers can apply for Virtual Home Builders Visitor cards on behalf of their workforce using the Online Application Form which can be accessed at:


Card holders must advise HBSP card applications if they change personal details e.g. move house, change occupation or changes the virtual card associated mobile telephone number.
If a cardholder achieves an additional qualification and then undertakes a different type of work on site, they should update their Home Builders Visitor card by checking which card is the right card by using the online CSCS cardfinder at
If a cardholder changes their name they should call HBSP card applications on 0333 323 9025 and provide a scanned copy of relevant documentation e.g. deed poll, marriage certificate etc.
If a card is lost a replacement can be ordered by calling HBSP card applications on 0333 323 9025.
The cost of updating a virtual card is £19.20 (inclusive of VAT at 20%) The cost for issuing an updated or lost physical card is £44.40 (inclusive of VAT at 20%). 


HBSP are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy lawfully, fairly, and transparently. To read our full privacy statement, go to


The HBSP website privacy statement is available at If you feel that HBSP is not abiding by this privacy statement you should email


By applying for a Home Builders Visitor card:
1. you confirm that the information you are providing is true, correct and accurate in all respects;
2. you agree to comply with all applicable rules relating to the Home Builders Visitor card or CSCS cards as laid out in this Scheme Requirements document and as may be amended from time to time;
3. you understand and agree that all or part of the information you supply will or may be used by CIGA and RPL for the purposes of administering the Home Builders Card Scheme, which may include copying it to Employers, Awarding Organisations or Training Providers and entering it onto a secure database accessible via a website. To the extent that any part of the information supplied constitutes personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 2018, you expressly consent to its use for the purpose of the card scheme
4. you will notify HBSP card applications on 0333 323 9025 of any material alteration to any of the information supplied by you (including but not limited to your name(s) or home address) as soon as it occurs, together with documentary evidence thereof (e.g. a marriage certificate or deed poll); and
5. (if your application is made on behalf of a third party) you confirm that the latter has expressly consented in writing to your so doing.
6. All application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If your application is incomplete or unacceptable you will be given 20 days to resolve any issues. Any applications returned after 20 days will be subject to a standard non-refundable charge of £19.20 (including VAT).Most cards arrive at their requested destination within 5 days of application. If your card has not been delivered to your requested destination within 2 weeks of your application, please contact HBSP Card Applications. After 20 days your application will be considered closed and a further payment of £36 will be required to reprocess an application.
HBSP Card Applications require a home address for all card holders. Home Builders Visitor Card Holders must advise HBSP Card Applications if they move house or change occupation. Expiry Notifications are sent to the card holders email address 6 and 3 months before the expiry date printed on their card.
The Home Builders Visitor Card remains the exclusive property of  HBSP.
Cards are issued to and must be kept in the named cardholder’s secure possession at all times.
HBSP reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw a card.


If employers / site managers are presented with a fraudulent Home Builders Visitors Card they should call the HBSP card applications on 0333 323 9025 or via email at
Applications which are made without the genuine details of the named card holder or applications which are made without the legitimate interest of the named card holder will be considered to be fraudulent.  Where we become aware of such practices we may take steps to prevent / block further applications from the originator and if appropriate pass their details to the authorities, including Action Fraud and the Police.


If there is a dispute regarding HBSP Visitor Card Requirements the matter can be appealed. Further information is available on the website at
The decision of HBSP Visitor Card Scheme is final.